"If passed, this initiative would end agriculture in Colorado. It would make criminals out of good, hard-working farmers and ranchers across this state who put food on your table every day."
Shad Sullivan
Registered Agent - The Stop PAUSE Coalition
"The National Western Stock Show is firmly against proposition 16!" "Agriculture is the backbone of the NWSS since 1906 and we will continue to protect its vitality here in Colorado."
Paul Andrews
President & CEO - National Western Stock Show
鈥渋t takes the control out of the hands of those who have dedicated their lives to learning the proper and appropriate husbandry and health care of livestock animals鈥.If passed, this measure will not result in better animal care, it will result in the death of an economic pillar of our state and the handcuffing of myself and my veterinary colleague.鈥
Dr. Lora Bledsoe
Large Animal Veterinarian
鈥淐O's farming & livestock businesses are the backbones of CO rural communities. This measure is not based on science and will raise food prices for us all; worse yet, it will cost rural jobs & devastate communities. I will be fighting against it鈥
Phil Weiser
Colorado Attorney General
"As farmers and ranchers, we are all very concerned about the well-being and humane care of our livestock and pets. Initiative 16鈥檚 deceptive title belies the irreparable harm this ballot measure will cause鈥
Terry Snyder
President - Colorado Wool Growers Association
This ballot initiative ignores science and years of animal husbandry practices designed to give the best quality of life for our animals and produce the highest quality nutritional products for our families and consumers鈥
Chris Kraft
Chairman - Colorado Dairy Farmers
"Initiative 16 would put an end to livestock agriculture in Colorado. It would put an end to our shared Western heritage."
Terry Frankhouser
Executive Vice President - Colorado Cattlemen's Association