What should you know about the PAUSE campaign, now Initiative 16?

What is Initiative 16?

Initiative 16 is a citizen-led ballot initiative which:

  • Criminalizes accepted animal husbandry practices used by farmers, ranchers, and veterinarians to care for animals.
  • Changes Colorado statutory language to define common practices as “cruelty to animals.”
  • Bans the harvesting of animals which have lived less than 25% of their “natural” lifespan.
  • Criminalizes the following veterinary and animal husbandry practices: spaying and neutering, birthing assistance, reproductive practices like artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, fertility testing, etc.
  • Eliminates accepted animal husbandry practices, opening the door to animal cruelty prosecution for common and basic practices such as feeding, sheltering, and transportation.

What are some of the impacts?

  • Devastate Colorado’s $5 billion agricultural livestock industry.
  • Eliminate Colorado’s $1 billion annual beef exports.
  • Kill nearly all jobs linked to Colorado beef and lamb processing.
  • Jack up consumer costs for meat.
  • Result in practices that are bad for the animals and the environment by requiring detrimental production practices.
  • Erase Colorado's Western Culture heritage effectively banning rodeos, county fairs, and horse shows.